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Eco Holidays

Private holidays retreat in residential
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What are Eco Holidays?

The unique thing about Casa Jasmin retreats is that you can choose all the activities for the retreat.


You will stay in a tiny house in the heart of nature.

If you like a morning yoga class and afternoon clay workshop we will arrange that for you. You can tell us when you book the retreat and we will design a special retreat in regards of your needs.


You can decide when and how many days you want to come.



Ayurvedic massage Abyhanga

Physical benefits like released muscle tensions, lymphatic drainage and more nourished skin from head to toes with warm oil.

60 € - 1h15 or 1h30

90 € - 4 hands massage

Kizhi treatment/massage

Massage and small satchels containing herbal powders. Alleviate pain and stiffness. Improve blood circulation.

70€ - 1h15

5 continents massage (M5C)

Reconnect your heart and your body. This therapeutic massage technique combined the energy of reiki and magnetism with various other massage practices from Lomi Lomi, Californian, Swedish, Thai, Tuna and ayurvedic massage.

80€ - 1h15

Holistic Yoga

Beginner soft yoga for relaxing and connecting to your heart and body.

25 € - 1h 15m

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Pottery Experience

You will realise a clay object and try the wheel. Let it dry and one day later you can paint it with our pottery paint. We will cook it and you can take it home.

60 € - 2h30m

Permaculture initiation

Discover medicinal herbs and permaculture concepts. You will learn how to grow organic food and how to build a sustainable forest garden.

30 € - 1h30m

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Cooking course

Learn how to cook in a natural, healthy way. We will harvest the products from the garden and prepare an organic sweet recipe together and share the food and drinks together.

50€ - 2h

Vision board workshop

Private coaching with creativity.

We will focus on one goal in your life that you want to reach.


I will guide you through a creative journey with pen & paper, different medias, watercolor and more.

We will practice mindful art.

60€ - 1h30m

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Your tiny home experience

A tiny house with bathroom and kitchen (with shower, dry toilet) little terrasse.

You can enjoy the garden & relaxing spaces.


Non smoker place.

We can't host animals due to our animals.


Free Wifi included



Thanks for contacting us!

Sitio do Malhão
8365-303 Alcantarilha gare

910 600 567

Have any questions or want to book your Eco Holiday?

Contact us using the form below.

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