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5 days: Permaculture retreat

Lotus Oriental
Fille, récolte, légume

We invite you to discover how you can be more selfsufficient in your life. In this retreat

we will share with you how to grow food in your own garden in a natural way. 
We will share also our technics to conserve the food, to bake your own bread and more with your own sordough. You will learn how to apply zero waste in your daily life. 

How to fertilize natural your soil, to know what is the nature of your soil. You will learn how to heal your tree from deseases. How to manage the water in your garden. How to grow healthy plant in a natural way. How to choose your seeds? How to observe the nature? Help the soil to be restored.  You will have all tools to begin your own garden. 

The program:

How to manage the water in your garden?

How to grow vegetables?

All about soil.

what is a forest garden?

How to take care of trees?

How to be more self sufficient?

How to grow your food in a little space?

What kind of green house to build?

How to grow medicinal herbs and flowers?

How to apply zero waste in our life.

How to adapt your culture in a hot climate?


5 days in a natural place, with a little group (3-4 people) We host  you in a  cozy familial house and tiny house. Share a human experience

and let's put our hand in the soil, and be mindful about how we live. Learn how to be more self-sufficient.

And let's together ask: what I need most in my life, about zero waste, about making things with our hands.


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