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Our story

We are Anaïs and Marina. We are twins sisters.

Marina is Dreamer, positive mind, kind, and likes silence to meditate in peace.

Four years back after studying permaculture and sustainable living in England and in Italy we decided to create a permaculture project in Portugal. During our learning we discovered yoga and mindfulness that changed our perception of life.

We decided to move from Paris to Portugal and totally change our way of living.

We have gradually built a forest garden, a vegetables garden and a healing center.

We personally experienced a trauma event in our childhood in life. We have gradually found happiness and peace with nature, yoga and creativity .We have done lot of healing work. we have studied psychology. We learn Ayurveda and yoga in India with our master and also in Paris. We have transformed our life when we go to travel and experiment India.

We want to organize healing for woman who need support in their path of life. We have learned lot about women and we often organize women circle in our place.

The Farm

We have 5 chickens and 7 cats.
They are living in the forest garden which has 5000 m of trees and vegetables garden.
Organic Farmhouse
cooking course
Organic garden
forest garden
Creativity courses
Yoga course

“I  tried an ayurvedic massage in Casa Jasmin.

It was awesome. Anais and marina offered me a cup of organic tea from the garden.”


"I was staying for 3 days in Casa Jasmin with my boy friend. Anais and Marina were very kind and offered us a mint tea made with mint  from the garden. The room was quiet and very clean. And the breakfast was delicious : pancakes and the brioche were  delightful. 


Morning yoga with Anais was very relaxing. The practice in the yurt with garden view was so amazing. The song of  birds was a pleasure.  

 It was the  perfect break that I needed.


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