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5 elements holistic retreat
5 days 

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Women that they want to explore feminity, creativity. Dive deeply into your own nature. Reconnect to your ancestors, to mother earth,  experiment the power to be a women, share with other women. If you are in one point of your life that you don't know what to do, our  retreat is made for you, it will give you back your creative power. 


Our creativity, the power to create with  our hands. We are all creative human beings. We help you to feel, to explore the nature with  your 5 senses.  Trust that mother earth can heal us. Because we come from her, we will born again, forgiving ourselves, cultivate self love, kindness.  We will work, how to open our heart, to say welcome to all our feelings. We will learn how we can express ourselves with creativity. And how to transform suffering to self love. And understand that we can welcome joy in our life also if there is sorrow. We have the permission to be happy.


Make your own medicine bag and create with flowers, herbs, and all ressources from the nature. Make your own food from the garden. Make soap, candles, and lot more. Experiment how to  restore mother earth with permaculture. Build your resilience, expand  your creative potentiel. Join a women circle, in a safe space experiment the awareness of unconditional love.



it will be 5 night and the cost is 600 €.

Between 3 and 5 people that they can join the retreat. 


Shared room for 2 women with sing bed and shared bathroom

Shared tiny house for 2 or 3 women with shared space.  Half pension with breakfast and dinner. 

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